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About Us

Hi guys! My name is Jess and I am the founder, owner, master soap maker, chandler, herbalist, aromatherapist, administrative assistant, picker & packer, maid, event coordinator and everything else behind Bee's Essentials Apothecary & Soapery!! And, I love every minute of it!! 

What's behind the name you ask? Well, Bee is my nickname.  I've had the nickname since I was about 2 months old.  And Essentials? Well, all the products I make are essentials in my household and things that I use everyday. As for "Apothecary & Soapery" I am a certified aromatherapist and herbalists and I LOVE making handcrafted goat's milk soaps.  And that is how my business name came to be. 

It all started several years ago when my family decided to try to live "cleaner" by eliminating unnecessary and scary chemicals in our household products and the food we ate.  I started researching natural and organic alternatives to the daily essentials we were using daily - like Tylenol for minor aches and pains, detergent bar soap that was drying and irritating to the skin, conventional store-bought lotions full of ingredients I could not pronounce, candles made with lead wicks and fragrances that contained phthalates that I was burning - you get the point.  I started doing tons of research - reading books, blogs, watching YouTube videos, Facebook forums, going to local workshops and such. I soon began making my own concoctions and loved them!  I started giving my creations to family and friends and they loved them too! I just kept making more and more soap and herbal salves and sugar scrubs and then I started with candles and wax melts and my house became overrun with these goodies! My family and friends encouraged me to start a business and so, on January 1, 2017, Bee's Essentials Apothecary & Soapery was founded! 

Since that date, I have learned, evolved and grown so much more than I thought I could and so has my little business.   I am a regular at two local farmers' markets, participate in several large state fairs, numerous craft events throughout the area, have several wholesale and private label accounts and have my products in several area stores.  I have been truly blessed!

I love nothing more than to see others happy using my handcrafted soaps, salves, essential oil rollerball blends, candles and such! I feel good knowing that these products are made with only the finest organic and all-natural raw materials as possible. 

As I said, me and my business are always learning and evolving and for 2020 I am looking forward to offering 5 Releases (Valentine's Day, Spring, Summer, Fall/Harvest Season and Winter/Holiday).  Each release will feature exclusive, limited edition, limited supply products!!! 

I am thankful to each of my customers, my family, my friends and God for my continued success! Thank you!

~ Jess